32GB Sandisk Ultra formatted to 64GB

Hi all,

I used Rufus 2.17 for creating a bootable usb drive. I choosed all parameters but didn´t check the formatting size Rufus identifies. At the end of the process the drive was shown as having 64GB of capacity.

I tried to re-format with Windows tools but all of them identify now 64GB.

I tried also to check the drive with “HDD Low Level Format Tool ver.4.40” but it also show 64GB.

How can I format back to 32GB phisical storage?

Thanks in advance

I had the opposite problem. I have a 64GB drive and it was formatted as 32GB after installing windows 10 (64bit) so maybe download windows and that will format it right. but I used the newer version of Rufus to fix my problem.

If it was formatted as FAT32 that’s the max size it supports. Drives larger than 32GB need to be formatted as exFAT.