32gb microSDHC ultra card requires formatting issues

I bought a 32gb microSDHC card from costco. It came with a little adaptor, but I had a usb adaptor that I was able to use. I was able to copy files to it without any issues and moved some files from my desktop to my laptop. I double checked that the included adaptor worked and the files saved and copied just fine using it. I then mailed both items to a friend. When my friend got it, it claims it requires formatting.

Does anybody have any idea why it’s doing that? They have tried a couple of computers and even a usb adaptor that they own. We’re both using win 7.

In what type of packaging did you mail them in? Sometimes the machinery (sorters, scanners, etc.) in the postal service can wipe, or ruin a memory card. It’s happened to me before.

I was worried about that, but I was reading and figured it wouldn’t be as susceptible to all that. It was in a regular envelope. I packed it inside a paper pocket within to keep it from moving. It arrived just fine, minus the format issue.

What should I mail it in? It’s a small card and the purpose of using it was something small and easy and cheap to mail. lol. Should I wrap it in foil or something?

You should use at least a padded envelope. 

@drlucky wrote:

You should use at least a padded envelope. 

And maybe write in big, bold letters: