32GB Extreme USB 3.0 Flash Drive compatible with grup4DOS??


I read about good news with this product and I want to buy… but I’m not sure if it’s good with making bootable, Grup4DOS or etc… it has any hardware based restrict??

What are you going to use to put Grub4DOS on it?  And what do you plan on booting with Grub4DOS?

I had bought iomega usb-hdd about one year and it has hardware based encrption and iomega has a restrict for make it bootable. yes this is not an usb hdd but I saw that it has an built in encription feature… I use grup4dos for acronis bootable iso, windows 7 or windows xp install or any other rescue tools like hiren boot cd or ultimate boot cd. it doesn’t matter if it’s allow to play with mbr

You should be fine.  The built in encryption is done with an app called SecureAccess.  It does not apply to the whole drive nor does it require all files be stored on the drive using it.  If you have no use for it you can delete it’s files, or you can simply ignore it and store Grub4DOS and your ISO files along side it.

thanks then. This is what I want to hear :slight_smile: