32GB Class 10 MicroSDHC

I’m having a hard time getting a 32GB Class 10 MicroSDHC card to recognize in this mp3 player.  I’ve formatted it with Mac OS to MS-DOS (FAT) and ExFAT but it still won’t pick it up.  I’m also running Firmware V01.01.20A

It only ever shows up as empty ):

Anyone know?

There have been other complaints using large class 10 cards. 

The correct format is FAT32. But as mentioned, others have reported problems using Class 10 cards. Best to return it and get a Class 4. Class 10 cards are designed for high speed cameras, not mp3 players.

something like this: http://www.staples.ca/en/SanDisk-32GB-MicroSDHC-Card/product_411618_2-CA_1_20001 ?

Yep–that’s a Class 4 card.  Most manufacturers have them–you don’t have to get a SanDisk (although that is a good brand).