32G Stick with SDYNBIAMA-032G

Hi, I have some 32G USB Sticks with SDYNBIAMA-032G and AU6989SN-GTD.

One of the sticks got write protected and I could not remove protection (diskpart W10 tool).

Finally I choose to use AlcorMP.exe I had Version 180529. What do I need to adjust to get 30G of flash? I used default options and after LLF I ended with 11.2 G.
I did check one of the fully working sticks and MP info showed that it is produced with MP version 18.11.22, Full Scan2 and ECC 15
Does anyone know what is behind these parameters and how to use them?
Maybe next time I should avoid LLF. Will high level format also remove the protection?

Finally I loaded Alcor MP 181122 and with Full Scan 2 and ECC15 I got 31.x G Capacity and no write protection. But I’m still interested in details on the core Flash parameters and there meaning.

Where do you use your USB sticks? What operating systems are they used with?

The sticks are used on several Windows PCs, but most critical is the use with a Thomson TV (to play downloaded videos). I also heart from others that those TV sets kill a stick from time to time. A good tool to repair and check flash would be great.