32G Cruzer, PC only sees 86M

32G Cruzer. PC only recoginzes the 86M partition, I assume put on there during manufacturing. Device Manager can see the other partition, I have even formatted the partition as FAT and NTFS trying to get access to no avail.

When I open Computer and look at the properties it only shows 86M and will only allow me to copy 73M worth of files (pretty small filies really…pictures and word docs) and then it stops.

Unfortunately during troublehsooting I lost all the OEM files. Maybe there was a re-direct to the other partition?

Any Ideas?

Thanking you in advance,


Flash drives come pre-formatted as FAT32. You might try re-formatting to this configuration.

Is/was the 86MB partition configured as a CD at some point?  If this the partition you’ve formated?  Do you remember how many OEM files were on it before you deleted them?