32 glide and update problem

I have a Cruzer Glide 32g I used the optional encrypt file option

I had a number of files in this - but when this program decided to update wiping out eveything in the encypted 


Is this normal?  It is a vile peice of rubbish if this is the case. 

My files still appear to there in encrypted  .dat files under SanDiskSecureAccessVault

How can i recover these files?

From what I know, upgrading shouldn’t delete your files. Were you able to find anything here by any chance?


in that case please try to find the version 1 of the software to start it again and see the files normally in the vault. then create a backup of the files, upgrade to the version 2 and store the files once again in the new vault.

if you do not have the version 1 anymore you can contact the sandisk support to provide you with a download link for it