32 gig usb suddenly read only

I went to copy files to my sandisk 32 gig usb but no matter what I try it is telling me it is now read only. I use it on my Ubuntu 20.04 system which also has windows 10on the other half of my hdd. Also I noticed this chip getting very hot ever since I bought it.

Return it to SanDisk for a free replacement.


I was on the Windows 10 partition of my laptop and I was using another sd card to transfer files . I decided just to try the offending Ultra Flair 32 gig. As  happens with every USB memory card on windows I got the usual initial message that there is a problem with the USB drive. As I had nothing to lose I clicked on the warning (normally I ignore it as there is usually nothing wrong with USB chips. So it went into a repair cycle which I fully expected to fail. To my suprise it said the drive is now ready. All my files were still on there and this time when I went to copy an mp3 onto the chip to test it it did it without any problem. I fired up the Linux partition and it too now allowed me to write to the chip. Long may this continue.

Always like to read postings with a happy ending. 

The Windows message that there is a problem with the drive is due to the flash drive being removed without out using the Windows Safe Remove option.  Things that are open on the drive don’t get closed and can caused problems when the drive is reused.  Always try to Safely Remove it or if in Linux dismount it before pulling it out.