2nd attempt @ e270 Help!

Ok I posted this last night.  I had a 4 views but no response.  I am really stuck and need some advice,  Soooooo I’m going to try this again:


Ok I have a couple of issues.  First one is,  everytime I plug it into my comp, it keeps turning on off on off…etc…I tried the suggestion from the FAQ which states something…something go to task performances and find the bblauncer.  I do not have it on my comp…It just clicks on and off.


I am full, I need to get rid of songs…so I can add new ones…I cannot do this till I fix the problem above.  I use this in fun and at work (voice recorder)  does it have a pause button? because anytime I stop it just shuts off…and I have to go threw the whoooooollllllle thing again…1-2 hours…very time consuming…I saw the suggestions about deleting…I need to asap delete, but I have 2 very important voice recordings I cannot lose…so not knowing that I’m doing…could cause me alot of probs…

Can anyone help me?


Here’s a question - does your player do the same thing no matter which mode it’s in? Also, what operating system are you using? Those two things can make a big difference!

I remember this happening to a friend (don’t remember if it was both modes or just one) and she ended up having to go into the registry and delete some things. For hers she called tech support and they walked her through it - which I’d suggest since messing with your registry when you’re not really sure what you’re looking at/for can be dangerous.

It does sound like it’s fixable though - so there is a brightside!

I answered your question already… but you posted it in the wrong forum

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