2GB Wii compatible SD stopped working


I’ve bought an SD card quite a while ago,

and it has just unexpectingly became unaccessable.

I can’t view or retrieve any of my lost data.

I need to know if it’s possible to recover my lost data from it

the data is on the chip, but there’s no possible way I can access it

this data is extreamly important and valuble to me

I’ve tried recovery software, and that doesn’t even work

Disk size: 0kb

File System: unknown

This may not help if you can’t access the card, but Recuva, recovery freeware available at CNET downloads, is highly regarded.

nice software :smiley:

I could’ve used this when my 160GB SATA HDD went RAW -.-

that aside, this didn’t do anything fo my SD

it shows up, but no files can be ripped from it…

I think there’s a fried resistor or something

it’s the same behavior as my old 8GB flash drive

(fried the resistor for a completely different reason than the SD (my fault)) :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, at least you have some new software to use … Sorry about the card. :frowning:


yea thanks :slight_smile:

the only possible way I could see getting the data off the card,

is to build a new card and insert the chip from this one onto the new card…

then insert it into a comp and retrieve the data.

unless there’s some extra formatting involved to code the card >.>


would something along those lines be possible??

Hi there,

If the card can show up in ‘my computer’ as a drive letter (like drive F:),you can try a recovery program to retrieve data from it.I have succeed to retrieve photos from SD card with Tenorshare Data Recovery.

Download it and scan your SD card for free to check out whether your data can be recovered.Luck!