2GB Sansa clip black SDMX11R-002GK-A57 vs SDMX11R-1024K-A70

one strore sells model SDMX11R-002GK-A57 another store sells SDMX11R-1024K-A70 and yet another sells
SDMX11R-2048K-A70B.   are they are the same just different models for each store?  All should be the 2GB clip in black

Message Edited by firedoghfd on 04-19-2009 04:17 PM

The SDMX11R-1024K-A70 is a 1 GB model.  The other two are 2 GB models, and I’m guessing that one of them is before SanDisk changed some of the internal architecture of the Clip, and the other from after.  But the user interface and performance remain the same between the two for the user. 

If you are interested in putting the Rockbox operating system on your player if/when Rockbox is completed, you may want the earlier Clip version–that is being worked on first for Rockbox.  (That would be model SDMX11R-2048K-A70B, I believe.)  Otherwise, there is no real difference between the two versions for you.