2GB micro card reduced to 20MB

A 2GB micro card came with my camera, and when I erased all my photos off of it so I could take new ones, it says the memory has been reduced by 20MB.

How can I fix this?

Format it.

No other procedures?Just plain format?

i have tried dormatiing but it says “windows was unable to complete the format”

what to do next ???

 i have tried different formatting software but they didi not work.

one software replied “there is no media present”

can anyone help???

i think its a firmware problem… I serached but did not find a way to install firmware.

There is no firmware on a memory card. It is simple a blank storage area. If a card will not format, it has likely failed and you would need to get a new one.

Btw, please don’t resurrect 2 year old threads. Better to start a new message with your problems or questions after such a long time. :wink: