2GB Clip became a not-so 2GB Clip

At Christmas of 2008 my sister and I recieved identical 2GB Sansa Clips, same color and everything.

Both were holding 400+ songs, and one day my sister’s started to hold only 100 songs.

I checked myself, she has no recordings of any kind. We don’t know how to fix it.


Perhaps you should do a format directly on the clip (you´ll find the function in the options menue) and try it again. Also you should consider, that musicfiles can take a different amount of place on the clip, which depends on the quality of the file. The first song takes about 3mb and the next one takes more than 10mb…however flash-ram can´t being destroyed in parts. Either it´s broken or not and in the second case you should be able to use the whole capacity.



I just looked through her WMP and her songs are huge. The range is 3MB to 20MB. That must be it, I didn’t even think about the songs size…


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Another thing to be aware of is, songs loaded in MTP mode only show when connected to the computer in MTP mode,  and same with MSC mode.  If you connect the clip to mulitple computers be aware of the mode it connects by default.    Search the forum for additional details about these two usb connection modes.  20 MB files are either long songs, or encoded at a highrate/high quality encoder.     Its possible to re-encode these to smaller files depending on what quality you want . Typical MP3 songs are 3 to 5 megs in size.

:slight_smile: The clip is so awesome