2G Fuze can't access most of memory -- any ideas?

Info shows me that I have 1404 of 1855 MB remaining on the Fuze and 643 of 968 MB remaining on the 1G Micro SD card – if try to add another song to either of the devices it tells me that there is not enough room.  I have reset factory settings multiple times, reformatted multiple times, and downloaded the latest firmware 02.02.26A.  I am running Mac OS X 10.5.8  … Any ideas?

Maybe you are suffering from hidden files.  Apple’s OS has the bad habit of populating every portable storage it sees with a bunch of hidden files.

My problem was that I was copying all of my music onto the Fuze and to the Micro SD card without using Folders.  Any given directory can only have a certain number of file names (names of songs) so when it reached that number of songs it couldn’t accept anymore files.  I know have everything in Folders: Music: Artist: Album: Songs and everything is working just fine!