280 version 1 or 2 which is best and why?

I just bought a 280 v2 turns out its a v1 so should i keep it or send it back and get what i ordered?  What are the advantages of each version?    I want to add playlists so is rockbox the way to go, what advantages other than playlist does rockbox at to the player.   Thanks

Both units are wonderful machines, arguably the most robust of the Sansa line.

The e200 series had several versions during its production run, the v1 devices have a PortalPlayer processor, and the v2 devices have an Austria Microsystems processor.  The v1 also had a special Rhapsody version that could use the proprietary RAX format media, a unique DRM system.

There are quite a few refurbished units out there, mostly v1 devices, that have the v2 metal backs on them.  This has caused plenty of confusion, since the darker metal back leads one to think the device is a v2.

When the device is turned on, each version has a unique splash screen displayed that lets you know, at a glance, which version device you have.  The vi machines both have the classic SanDisk logo with the “sunburst” incorporated.  The Rhapsody model has a second splash screen with the Rhapsody logo.  The v2 has a unique splash screen, a SanDisk logo in white, with a reflection below, and an animated blue sansa logo that appears shortly afterwards.

The v2 is a different machine internally, actually a predecessor to the Sansa Fuze model, mounted in the e200 shell.  The firmware is a different format from the earlier devices (not interchangeable), and the device supports microSDHC memory expansion up to 32GB natively. The v1 is limited, in stock form, to 2GB microSD.  (This limitation can be bypassed if you load Rockbox on the v1, an open source firmware)

All e200 models will run with Rockbox, and support playlists.

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Thanks for the answers, from what you said the v1 with rockbox,  can expanded equal to the v2 is that correct? 32gb Does the gb rating on the original unit matter  2gb-8gb with rockbox?

I cant get this one i have to work, 2 computers one windows 7 the other xp both say say it has a hardware problem.  When pluged in the screen on the computer flashes very strange.  It is brand new unit.  We have 2 other sanzas and they work fine.

If given the chance which version would you buy? Do you use the rockbox software?  Thanks again for your time!

I prefer the latest version, the v2 , since I like Audible Books and Rhapsody combined on the device.  Audible is a special format not supported by the v1 (Audible books can be enjoyed on the v1 if you convert the files to mp3 first).  Additionally, as on the original Sansa Rhapsody, I really like the Rhapsody Channels feature that started with the e200R Sansa.

With Rockbox added (you can set up the e200 to boot in either the original firmware (used for transfers), or in Rockbox.  With the open source code loaded, you can customize the Sansa for the features you’d like, as well as cool screen themes.  Over the years, Rockbox was ported to the later v2 as well (though the original firmware for the later one is hard to beat).

I would do a little maintenance on the v1 machines if they are behaving erratically.  The earlier devices can be connected to the PC in Recovery Mode, and you can reinstall the original firmware to the base machine.

The metal back is removable, unlike the latest Sansas.  The internal Lithiom-ion battery is a drop in module just like a mobile phone, so an older device can be made like new.

I’ve tinkered with Rockbox, and with the earlier machines, it’s fun to work with, but the program does have a learning curve.  Overall, I prefer the original firmware for the Sansa, as it’s very straight forward.

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