240Gb drive corrupting data


i’m using 4 month old Extreme 240Gb drive fw. v.R211 on ICH10R south bridge, Win 7 32 bit, Intel RST driver v.

SSD it is not recognized at cold boot by 50% rate, Windows sometimes reports - “Drive need maintenance”, random reboots, BSOD sometimes.  Already done Secure Erase and reinstalled Windows, but after 2 weeks the same problem reappears. Things getting worse with a time, now System Restore starts at boot. Looks like random data are corrupted. But Sandisk Toolkit shows all green “pass”. 

What is the problem? Sandforce corrupting low level data or NAND flash is failing?

After reading this forum there is an idea that lost data problem is linked with Intel RST agressive LPM settings. Will try to disable LPM feature and test it.

Hi buddy, how did disabling LPM work out for you? Just curios here.

Yes, it works. :slight_smile: I’m not 100% sure, but looks like when LPM is On OS caches could not be flushed to the SSD properly. I need more testing time, but at first sight data corruption stopped. And cold start SSD recognition problem fell by an order.

After very long testing the cause of data corruption and BSOD become obvious - temperature. SSD works only when it’s hot. At cold condition drive behavior was unpredictable. By some mysterious coincidence Intel RST drivers amplify this effect.

Completed RMA.