240G G25 SSD Failing?


I bought the SSD for the laptop of my daughter less than 7 months ago and I installed Win8

2 days ago she was not able to boot : just after the login Windows was hanging.

I tried all methods of OQ repair but nothing helped.

When I tried to save her data with robocopy under recover commandline I saw that some files were unreadable!

I have just reinstalled the PC and installed SSD toolkit (I onstalled the firmware only today, it was previously the original one R201 I think)

Hre is the export of the tool: I wonder what are the BB errors?

“Description”,“Valeur”,“ID”,“Attribuent”,“Valeur Actuelle”,“Seuil”,“Valeur Brut”,“Etat”
“Type de Système”,“64”,
“OS Version Majuere”,“6”,
“OS Version Mineure”,“2”,
“OS Numéro de Build”,“9200”,
“OS CSD Version”,"",
“Processeur (CPU)”,"‘Intel® Core™ i3 CPU       M 380  @ 2.53GHz’",
“CPU Comptent”,“4”,
“Mémoire Installée (RAM)”,“3766”,
“Nom de l’Ordinateur
“Modèle”,“SanDisk SDSSDX240GG25”,
“Numéro de Série”,“122874400169”,
“Révision du Firmware”,“R211”,
“ATA Version Majeure”,“ATA8-ACS”,
“ATA Version Mineure”,“Reserved”,
“SATA Génération”,“3”,
“Nommer le Monde entier”,“5001B447A77789A9”,
“fonctions prises en charge”,“DSM (TRIM), SMART, Sécurité, NCQ, APM”,
“”,””,“01”,“Premières taux d’erreur de lecture”,“120”,“50”,“0”,“Passé”
“”,"",“05”,“Nombre de blocs à la retraite”,“100”,“3”,“16”,“Passé”
“”,"",“09”,“Heures sous tension”,“100”,“0”,“652”,“N/A”
“”,"",“0C”,“Nombre de cycles dispositif de puissance”,“0”,“0”,“4294967294”,“N/A”
“”,"",“AB”,“Programme Nombre d’échecs”,“0”,“0”,“0”,“N/A”
“”,"",“AC”,“Effacer Nombre d’échecs”,“0”,“0”,“0”,“N/A”
“”,"",“AE”,“Perte de puissance inattendue Comte”,“0”,“0”,“152”,“N/A”
“”,"",“B1”,“Porter Delta Range”,“0”,“0”,“1”,“N/A”
“”,"",“B5”,“Programme Nombre d’échecs”,“0”,“0”,“0”,“N/A”
“”,"",“B6”,“Effacer Nombre d’échecs”,“0”,“0”,“0”,“N/A”
“”,"",“BB”,“Rapporté erreurs incorrigibles”,“0”,“0”,“4315”,“N/A”
“”,"",“C3”,“Sur-le-Comte Fly ECC erreur incorrigible”,“100”,“0”,“0”,“N/A”
“”,"",“C4”,“Nombre d’événements Réaffectation”,“100”,“3”,“16”,“Passé”
“”,"",“C9”,“Taux d’erreur non corrigeable souple lecture”,“100”,“0”,“0”,“N/A”
“”,"",“CC”,“Doux taux de correction ECC”,“100”,“0”,“0”,“N/A”
“”,"",“E6”,“Statut de la courbe de vie”,“100”,“0”,"",“Passé”

Thanks for helping

“Reported uncorrectable errors” may mean there are bad NAND blocks. A NAND chip may be failing or the NAND may have worn out already. Download and Crystal Disk Info to check the ‘Total Host Writes’ and the health status percentage. If the percentage is low at around 10-20% its time for a new SSD.

Crystal disk info doesn’t report anything wrong till now but is there a “surface” like tool toverify the disk?

I am still puzzled by the unreadable files I saw on the disk…

When a bad sector is found, the device tries to recover the data using ECC (error correction) algorithms, if that fails, the data is lost. The file system is compromised.

At this point the best thing to do is recover any important data on the drive and do a low level format or a full ‘wipe’. This will write zero’s to the whole drive and any bad sectors found should hopefully be marked as bad, which means the drive will never use those bad sectors again. The total capacity of the drive will be decreased.

After the Low level format, run any decent HDD tool such as Hitachi DFT or Seagate Seatools to scan the ‘surface’ for bad sectors.

If no problems are found, the drive should be fine to use. If more problems are detected, it may be wise to replace the drive.

The logs are though one to read because it isn’t written in English. But were you able to find a solution to this yet?