2016 Sansdisk wont create playlists easily as before?


I have tralled through allot of old posts but I cant understand what you are asking people to do .  Can you explain to me how to create a playlist as dropping it in the files dont work.

 I had a sansdick before but maybe a different version and it was very easy to do

Also it has frozen twice.

Thank you

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Don’t expect an answer. I’ve tried for a year to get a 3 CD play list on a Jam. I was stupid enough to buy 3 Jams when they came out—1 for books only and 2 for music. Because I can’t create playlists from Windows Media Player, on Jam is still in the box. The 2 I’m using are awful—the battery life is no better than the old models and I cannot create a playlist.

I like opera. Most operas are 2-3 and even 4 cds. It was easy before to make a playlist. I haven’t the time to renumber every track. What can’t I just compile the playlist in WMP?

Good grief. Can’t Sandisk write a basic utility?