200GB Micro SD Card not compatible with Macbook Air 13' (Mid 2012)

I’ve been trying to find an answer to this problem for days now.

I’m trying to determine if older Mackbook Airs SD Card reader (mine is mid 2012) is compatable with the new 200GB Miro SD cards.

I just bought one and it works everywhere I’ve tried without a problem, Except when used in my Macbook Air’s inbuilt SD card reader (with a micr-standard SD adaper of course). When I try copy data to/from the card I get ll kinds of errors, It sometimes ejects itself, and I’v re-formatted it about 8 times now to all the different formats available. Still having issues.

If I use a USB Card reader it works fine.

If I use it on other apple machines SD card readers it works fine (tried on iMac 2011, and two newer Macbook Pro’s).

If I use a smaller capacity Micro SD card in my Macbook Air it works fine.

I’ve tried 3 different Micro SD to SD adapters to rule out a faulty adapter.

Updated my OS to the latest version of El Capitan.

Checked the card for corrupt blocks.

So I feel this is an incompatability issue between older macbook Air’s and the new 200GB micro SD card. Although I’m not able to find anyone else with a Mid 2012 (or any) 13 inch macbook air to test it on to confirm.

The only other theory is that my internal SD card reader is faulty, however that seems more unlikely due to smaller cards working without an issue…