2000% increase in video size

I started using a PVR to record stuff from my tivo to my computer. This works just fine. Using  Windows Movie Maker, I can get a 30 minute, super low quality (since I’ll be uploading it to my Sansa) video for about 7-15 MB (WMV format). When I throw this in the converter, the thing converts it to a MOV file…making the size of the file about 200 MB.

Is this just a crappy conversion by the Arcsoft coverter, is the WMV format really that superior to the MOV format, or is there something I am missing entirely?

Thanks in advance for the help.

File sizes vary depending on compression, encoding, bitrates, and file types.

The encoding and file type supported by the Sansa e200 just happens to be a larger file size than video size from the source file.