2 SanDisk Cruzer Extreme USB 3 64 GB + WinTogo Functionality: One Work, One Not!!

Good Morning,

I have two USB keys “SanDisk Cruzer Extreme USB 3.0 64 GB”.

One bought about 2 years ago, and one some days ago. 

The oldest one work well with windows 8/10  (WinTogo with imagex procedure ecc…)

The new one doesnt work (installation fine with imagex) but during the first  boot i have different behaviour with different message (es. Infinite circle load (w10), or inaccessible boot device error msg).

What can i explain that? Are there proved solution ? What can i do?

Thanks in advance



Wintogo only works with Fixed disk configuration drives. Sandiskonly made fixed disk drives for a short time. Fixed disk drives break a lot of programs out there so sandisk went back to removable. (there is no tool available to switch the drive from removable to fixed). Are both of your drives Fixed disks? If not WinToGo is not going to work on the removable disk drive. 

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Both key are exacly the same, model name, form ecc “SanDisk Cruzer Extreme USB”.

The oldest key (2Y) work fine with windows to go, boths Windows 8 & Windows 10.

The newest doesnt work…boot but freeze with some errors.

How can i understand if the keys are Fixed or removable?

How can i understand if the keys are Fixed or removable?

Windows Explorer shows removable drives with a Removable label.