2 questions: release notes, and folder names

First off: is there a place somewhere that I can review the release notes for previous releases of the firmware?  I just recently updated from the .26 version to the .31 release.  I don’t see anything compelling in the .31 version, so am planning to roll back to the .26 one in order to get rid of the slotRadio advertisement.  However, I wanted to look at the list of fixes for the .28 release before doing so.

Of lesser importance:  I operate my Fuze in MSC-only mode.  On my external card, I created the same folders as are present in the root of the internal device memory.  However, every time plug/unplug/refresh the device, it creates additional AUDIOBOOKS and PODCASTS folders inside of my MUSIC folder - in addition to the ones that I previously created in the root folder.  It only does this on the external memory cards.   Does anyone know why this is?  Is there a way I can “fix” it?  Or, should I just ignore it, since it really doesn’t cause any problems?


[EDIT:  question #1 has been answered well enough.  Thanks to Conversionbox’s reply, I thought to search the knowledgebase, and found that it still had the release notes for version xx.28 listed, at least for the moment.]

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Its not a slotradio advertisement. It is there for the situations where you buy a slotradio card. Thats where you go to play that card only.

Thanks Conversionbox.  I don’t want to stray too far off-topic here, but I have to disagree with you.  When I don’t have a SlotRadio card in my device, but it insists on sticking a non-functional icon in the main menu… that’s an advertisement.  One for which I have no use.   Thanks again!

video and photo icons are in the menu regardless of photos or videos being on the device. i would not really call these advertisements. it is just part of the new menu screen.  

You can get rid of the SR Radio icon by switching to REST OF WORLD mode.

Thanks Peregrine - maybe I did something wrong, but when I tried that the icon was still there.  Reverting back to .26 fixed the issue for me.  None of the other fixes seemed to impact me, so that option made sense just fine in my case.