2 problems while converting for my e280v2

  1. the converting bar stays at 0% for ever. (with some files)

  2. converter has to stop while converting. (with some files)

Someone helps !~!~!

I’ve found (as well as many others here) that it helps to run the video through another conversion program first, before giving it to SMC for final conversion and transfer to the device.

There are various conversion programs out there, some free, some cost, but for an e280v2 machine, you want to convert it to AVI format.

Almost all of the files after I convert to another *.avi , then they still stay at 0% .

I don’t know how to explain my feeling clearly but working with this sansa e280v2 is so interesting  :angry:

I found this thread and the recommendations in it (as far as WinFF & Avidemux) helped me immensely. I have had absolutely no problems with videos on my e280v2 player since following the tips suggested.