2 mp3 Players one works one doesn't

Santa brought 2 MP3 players.  They are identical e260’s.  One works fine, plugged into computer, managed music… all is well.  The other, all is not well.  It is fully charged, when i plug it into computer lights on mp3 player come on but the computer will not read it.  Ihave spent several hours on your site reading and troubleshooting.  I have reset, Downloaded sansa updater(which works on the other player), tried to format.  Tried the turn off, hold button down and plug into computer. 

Would love for Santa’s helper to help me out here.


I am having the same problem.

  My e260 gradually stopped playing DRM audiobooks or being charged.  several sprays in the charging-computer connect port with Contact Cleaner (Radio Shack “Electronics Cleaner”) restored its functions.  I didn’t need to buy a Fuze+ after all.