2 Gb Clip hanging at title screen


Apologies if this is a common problem, I wasn’t sure how to word it and my searching was unsuccessful.  My girlfriend bought a 2 Gb Clip a couple of months ago and all was working fine until last week when all of a sudden it decided to stop working.

Basically, when you turn it on it comes up with Sansa which then turns into the flower looking symbol, and then does nothing.  I can turn it off, but have to do a reset to do so (i.e. hold the power switch for 20 seconds).  When I try again, the same thing happens.

Plugging it into a PC is no use either, I don’t think it gets far enough along in the start up for the PC to recognise it, so I don’t think I can update the firmware. Resetting while the power is in is also giving me nothing.

Any suggestions as to the next course of action? Start looking for the reciept? Tis’ a shame as she’s become attached to the little thing, and mine’s had no problems in a year and a half of abuse.  Any help is appreciated,



Sometimes, when nothing else will work, reformatting the Clip under its Settings can fix matters.  Note, though, that this will delete all the content on your Clip. 

Not too concerned about the content as it’s all backed up, how would I go about reformatting it? Is there some external way of doing it without needing access via PC or to the menus?



I’m having the same problem.

I have read all the suggestions in several forums but each involves getting PC connectivity or getting to the menu on the Clip.  For me and Tomm, I think it freezes before that.

Any help would be appreciated.


Ah, I was thinking of reformatting under the Clip’s Settings–but I see you can’t get the Clip to boot up all the way …