2 CD Sets

When I sync 2 cd sets the Clip Sport merges the two CD’s into one sincle playlist and orders the songs 1, 1; 2,2; 3,3 etc.

This is a problem when the order of the songs matters, such as in rock opera like Quadrophenia or JC superstar.

Does anyone know how to keep the CD’s separated?  

Edit the ID3 tags so it sees them as 2 totally separate CD’s.


Not sure how.

I opened MP3tag and they are showing as two separate CD’s.  Actually, I had already given the CD’s different names by editing the names in windows medial player.  The Clip Sport still combines the files.

Have I missed something?

Ok, were you telling me to give all of the songs on a CD a new Album Name and then click “stamp”?

(It seems that changing the name from windows media player was not enough.)

It worked!  Thanks.  Much appreciated!!

Glad you figured it out . . .

I usually edit the title of the album to whatever it is & then add [Disc 1], [Disc 2], etc. to the end of the title, so when it displays this I know what disc it’s from.