2 C250 issues

Hello! I have 2 probs with my “guy.” Has anyone encountered either of these?

  1. Battery life was great when I first got it. Usage habits have not changed but the battery dies a lot quicker, like within a day. When I first got it I wondered whether there were any special ways to charge to prevent battery issues, but I couldn’t find anything. Such as with cellphones where overcharging can be an issue or waiting until the battery is drained before chanrging. Do you have to do either of these things? Do I need to get a new battery?

  2. When I turn it on, the music is BLASTING loud, no matter how high or low I had it before I turned it off. Once I turn the volume down one notch it goes down to the normal level it should be at. I think this is helping to drain the battery.

maybe both of those can be fixed by doing a firmware update?

its avialable on the sandisk website by clicking on downloads, then sansa firmware updater and following the instructiosn.

Thanks! I’ll try that. Crossing my fingers.

That volume issue is an odd one, unless you listen at a REALLY low level.  I have found that the c250 does reset itself to the exact middle of its volume range when you turn it back on no matter what you had it set on when you turned it off.  One other thing I would try is in your “Settings” menu, scroll down to volume, and make sure “Normal” is checked instead of “High”.  This might suit you better.