2 bad SD cards?

I recently purchased 2 SanDisk Extreme SDHC UHS-1 cards from B & H.


I shot a lot of images while in Yellowstone.  I was able to see the images on my camera.


I put the card into the reader on my ipad and it wasn’t able to see the images.  I then put it back into the camera and now couldn’t see them on the camera either.


I took the card to a recovery service who was able to retrieve the images and returned the card to B & H.  The recovery service said the card had bad sectors.


I put the 2nd card into the camera and had a similar problem.  I then tried an old card I had and it worked fine with the camera, ipad and my computer.


Has anyone had a problem with cards that were defective right out of the packaging?


I turn the camera off before removing the card.  Is there something I could be doing that is damaging the card?  I have never had this issue with my cameras in the past.




First of all you have to see if the card are compatible with your camera, if yes you should try another computer to see if it works there (prefer windows) if there are still problems then maybe try to use another camera (if possible) and if still nothing changes then maybe you had bud luck and the cards are defective.

I hope i could help a bit.