1960-2001 Top 40 Hits (data for anyone)

For you audiophile’s out there - 

Here are a couple of files of the top 40 hits from 1960 to 2001. One is in MS Excel format and the other is in tab delimited text format.  They are the same data, just formatted different ways.  2001 is the last year I have.

They are sorted by “Year”, then by “Highest Rating”.  Highest Rating is the highest they got on the top 40 charts that year.

http://pages.sbcglobal.net/mike_in_katy/Top 40.xls

http://pages.sbcglobal.net/mike_in_katy/Top 40.txt

I got the data from some website many years ago where each year was a different htm file.  I consolidated the data into one file.  I have some of the top 10 for some of the years on my fuze.

Thank you for posting the list.  I went through a small part of it and it reminded me of many good songs that I haven’t heard nor thought of in years.  I saved the text file on my computer so I can go through the whole list.

Next stop – Amazon for downloads. :smiley:

Nice! When I get some time, it will be interesting to go through and check off which of these ‘hits’ I already have in my collection. Just scrolling through it, I noticed several.

Too bad it stops at 2001; it would be nice to have this info from the entire past 50 years (or 49 actually).

I did notice a couple ‘oopsies’ in the Excel list however . . . there are a few blank spots in the song titles column, which I suppose you could look up somewhere and fill them in. But the one that really caught my eye was that for the entire year of 2000, the artists and song titles are reversed. The Artists are in the Song title column and the Song titles are in the Artists column.

Got some of the ‘Oops’ cleaned up.  Found why 2000 was messed up.  Stuck the files back out there.

If someone can supply me year 2002 to present I’ll add them to the file.

Put another small file out there.  http://pages.sbcglobal.net/mike_in_katy/Top Artists.txt

This is the total number of top 40 hits each artist had in 1960-2001.  The KING had 72!!!

Found the rest of the data.  It’s now 1960 thru 2008.  Did update the two files.