16gb micro SDHC - data loss

Hi there,

My 16gb Sandisk Micro SDHC which I was using on my Nokia E90 was alright till yesterday. This morning when I browse my memory card, I cant see any of my data on it. All I can see is the default folders “Documents, Images, Other, Sound clips & Video clips” which are empty, and few unrecognized files named with special characters on the root. The annoying thing is when I check the card details, it show 7gb as used space. I am able to put new data on it, tried copying a file from phone memory to memory card and it worked fine. Checked it on my PC too, shows the same contents as the phone do. Properties of the drive shows 7gb as used space, but the properties of the contents shows just around 50KB. Even nothing found in hidden mode.

What happened to my memory card? Will I be able to retrieve my data back?

Kindly share your ideas…

Many thanks…



For other purposes, 've installed FExplorer today on my phone and to my surprise, few of the disappeared contents are shown on FExplorer, and those contents which are explored on it are now appearing directly on phone’s File Manager. But the other items are still not found and the storage still shows 7gb data is on it. And those files like things with special characters cannot be deleted. Even the options menu doesnt work for them.

please help…!