16Gb Cruzer® Edge™ USB flash drive QUESTION

so i saw this review of an 8gb Sandisk Cruzer Edge USB flash drive. in one of the reviews, he/she said it worked for him/her. but i didnt see a review for the 16gb version of it that said it would work. so i was wondering, for you guys who are knowledgeable, would the 16gb version of it work?

the link:

“For those of you who are wondering what flash drive will work for the Xbox 360…the search is over! I hooked this drive up to my 360, had the xbox auto-configure, and passed all 360 specifications. No messages from the Xbox indicating performances issues, or rejection. One thing I would like to add about the drive, is that the construction does seem to be on the cheap side. Just doesn’t seem to feel sturdy. This drive will be my Xbox drive, therefore I won’t review on any other aspect. However, its a flash drive…there overly simple to use. Good drive when found on sale.”

The only difference is the amount of memory, so it should work OK.