16GB Cruizer Drive Issues with Mp3 Files Play Back on Pioneer Head Deck

I have the above mentioned USB drive with which I transfer music from my computer onto for listening to on my Pioneer Avic DVD/CD Head Deck in my truck.  I Initially had  purchased a drive that had the U3 Launch Pad on it and had no issues with transferring and playing my purchased music files (Mp3) from Rhapsody.  Unfortunately that USB took a hard left and rendered itself un usable for anything other than a paper weight, which if you consider the weight of the Cruizer it wasn’t very good for this task either.  Long story short it was returned and replaced under warranty by sandisk (TYVM) but the New 16GB Cruizer is Post U3 Launch Pad so the app is not on the new drive.  Now when I download Mp3 tracks from Rhapsody and go to play them on my Pioneer Head Deck some of them play and some of them do not.  They all load to the Cruizer without issue, play back on my computer from the USB Drive without issue but not so much on the Pioneer.  The Tracks list as being on the drive via the screen menu on the Pioneer so one would assume they are in fact loaded on the USB but just won’t play.  Here’s 2 tid bits of information I find rather strange.  When I say some tracks play & some do not it’s not like the Do Not Play tracks are random individual tracks a lot of them are Tracks Contained within Complete Albums That are loaded to the USB where other tracks from the same Album are playing without issue??  Another strange thing is I’ve (in trying to remedy this problem) have completely deleted and reloaded these Mp3 Files no less than 10 times and each and everytime I get different Tracks that won’t play…To say a particular track that on the previous download played without issue has now decided it wants to have issue and not play and conversely tracks that previously did not play NOW PLAY!!!  What???  So one would assume it’s not a licensing issue nor anything along them lines nor would one think it was a corrupt file since 1 it plays no problem on the computer, 2 sometimes (depending on ??) it will play on the Pioneer.

Also, if I only use this USB for music files should I do the virtual cd set up/program thing on this Drive?  Not at all familiar with virtual cd or what it does.  Any info on this would be great too.

Any Help or information as to what I am doing wrong here would be greatly appreciated to say the least.  I have exhausted my ideas as to the fix but my knowledge and Ideas are minimal at best.

Thanks…(I suppose purchasing an Ipod or one of the other Music File Players offered by SanDisk would be my best bet since I don’t believe these USB’s were actually meant for Mp3 Files but IDK)

nobody can help with this???