16g micro disk with adaptor

I bought a 4GB Clip+.  Decided I wanted to keep all my music on an external usd card.  Purchased a 16GB w/adaptor.  I have a vista system.  My computer will not recognize the 16GBw/adaptor.  When in the player and on the computer in Media Player the external 16GB indicates it is full.  When you look at the properties it indicates it is totally empty.  When in the player alone it shows nothing.  What’s up?  What do I do?  Thanks for any/all advice!

Where did you get the card? From a reputable dealer or eBay? Is it possible it’s counterfeit? There’s an awful lot of fake 16 & 32GB cards out there. :dizzy_face:

It is a SanDIsk.

My suspicion is as Tapeworm notes above–this sounds like what sometimes happens with counterfeit cards (or cards that have been sold as larger capacity cards than they are). But I’m curious: by any chance can you right click on the card drive when that card somehow is connected to your computer, and then either run an error-check (CHKDSK) on it or reformat it (options available when you right-click on the drive/under one of the Properties tabs)?

Make sure to only insert or remove a card while the player is off.

@losing_it wrote:

It is a SanDIsk.

Just because it says Sandisk doesn’t mean it’s genuine. Unless of course you bought it from the SanDisk store itself, or an authorized SanDisk dealer.

Walmart.  Actually bought 2.  The other 16G works fine in another unit (same as mine).

I did as you mentioned and reformatted.  Let’s back up…  There had been music loaded on it by someone else.  I did not like the way it was organized and decided to clean the disk and start over.  So it had been working.  It was actually after the reformatting that it appears full in one place, not in another, etc as mentioned in previous post.  I naturally wonder if I have done something to make it not function as I am the novice.

I have not tried an error check.  I’ll go back and see…

Here’s another option that sometimes seems to work:  try a reformat of the card using the SD Association’s reformatting tool.  This sometimes cleans matters up when a Windows reformat doesn’t.


Ok finally had time to try the reformat option you suggested.  When I put the adaptor with 16G micro disk in a message came up “Memory card used by another application.  Close the application and retry”.  I feel kinda dense here, but best of my knowledge no other application is open using the disk.  PLease whats my next move.  I feel sure it should be obvious to me, but it is not.

I’m not sure why your computer thinks the memory card is in use. Sometimes, when I’ve hit that issue, as a last attempt, I’ve had to shut the computer down and boot up again–issue is away.