16 GB Cruzer - NTFS Problems

I have a 16 GB Cruzer (SDCZ36-016G BL0908NXJB black body, white release tab, red/pink plastic inside the USB connector). Testing with a single 388 MB file: FAT32 write: 4.91 MB/sec exFAT write: 5.04 MB/sec NTFS write: Hangs on “Calculating…” Testing with a single 10.4 GB file: FAT32 write: 4.91 MB/sec exFAT write: 5.01 MB/sec NTFS write: Zooms along at 100+ MB/sec then hangs for several minutes, then does a burst at 80 MB/sec and hangs, etc. When the file copy dialog hangs my entire system is hung up. This happens on multiple computers. Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional, both 64-bit. One machine is a Core 2 Duo with 4 GB of RAM, the other is a Core i7 with 16 GB of RAM. I have tried multiple USB ports (including a USB 3.0 port on a separate controller). I’d love to be able to use NTFS on this thing since it’s the most compatible file system that allows for 4 GB+ files, but it’s just so screwy. I’ve formatted the thing numerous times. Other USB drives I have to not exhibit the same behavior. Is this a dud?