15 folders in my vault

I turn my computer on insert my SanDisk ultra 3 into Drive I go to open g drive where my sandisk is and I see folders that are in my vault. Does that only happened because it’s my laptop? I want to hide those files I don’t want to see them. What happens if someone steals my laptop not my SanDisk would I see those files if I inserted into a different laptop because I still have password to SanDisk?

Yes, you will see those files in the vault with whatever system you plug the USB drive into.  Of course you won’t be able to read them without signing on to SecureAccess.  And remember, worrying causes wrinkles.

OK, so files can be seen but not read.  After I move those files to Windows 10 I am going to delete every thing on this San DIsk Ultra 3 and install a password program that shows nothing is stored because they don’t have a password to see anything like file names or whatever.

Not too worry I won’t be purchasing a San Disk again.

Remember the files in the SanDisk SecureAccess folder are only accessible with SecureAccess on a Sandisk drive, so copying them to your computer won’t help.  You need to open SecureAccess, on the SanDisk drive, and copy/move each individual decrypted file to the computer before deleting the files on the Sandisk drive.

For the security you mention it sounds like you need a Carbide USB drive.