128gb sandisk ultra usb 3.0 flashdrive


I’ve formatted the drive to exfat. I’ve then moved data on it to almost full capacity and it worked fine all day. Next day, it’s saying the format is unrecognizable and it’s showing as if there’s nothing on the drive. I always unplug after selecting remove usb but somehow it’s showing up as raw. Is there a way to retrieve the files back? Is this a faulty stick that needs replacement?

Try running CHKDSK on the drive and see what it reports.

I did. It said can’t run on raw format.

Ok, now that I’ve given up and formatted, when I plug it into a PC it gives me two drive letters… Or gives me the name I’ve formatted it in with the full size, the other just named “usb drive”… Apparently the one I named can be used but the “usb drive” needs to be formatted. What is going on here?

It sounds like you either bought an old U3 drive, which SanDisk stopped making about 10 yrs ago, or you bought a used flash drive that someone partitioned.

A seller problem.  Return it.

Any other suggestions? This is a brand new Sandisk ULTRA 128gb usb 3.0 flash drive…

Sounds like Sandisk isn’t paying attention to quality control anymore… Bought both new. One fine, one it sounds like you’re saying is defective. 50% fail rato is terrible… Ran disk surface test. 70% off the sectors are corrupt… Never getting sandisk again. People should stay away.

This is not a new SanDisk flashdrive.  It is a counterfeit.  Return it to the seller.

HIGHLY doubtful. You’re telling me best buy themselves would be selling counterfeit sandisk ultra 128gb usb drives??

Most certainly a new sandisk drive. Quality control issue

The other place I purchased from? Amazon. Directly from them, not third party for either.

Sandisk just came back after I’ve provided serial number and receipt. They’re received it and confirmed NOT counterfeit and will be sending out a replacement… Anything?

Good to hear you’re getting a free replacement.  But I’m sorry, multi-partition flash drives haven’t been made by SanDisk in 10 yrs!!  If SanDisk says it’s a vaild drive, the manufacturing staff that made it must have been high.  lol

Want multi partition. Single partition