128gb High endurance card won't read on Realtek PCIE reader

I have had 2 now, they work fine in my dash cam ad old laptop but my Dell XPS 9560 just hangs trying to read the cards, after 20 minutes it shows a drive letter but nothing is accesable. I have formatted on my other laptop and cam and still the same.

I have tried both the Dell driver and the one from wondows update but both the same.

I assume this is a compatability issue with the cards controller?

Great support. Not.

If you’re getting no responses from your posting, a safe assumption would be no one has an answer for you. This is a user’s forum, not a tech support forum. We don’t have all the answers to every question posed here.

If you want support or help with a technical issue, I’d suggest contacting Sandisk’s tech/customer support directly either through their Knowledge Base articles, phone, live chat or e-mail… No SanDisk employee currently monitors this forum on a regular basis.

Good luck with your problem . . .