120gb sandisk pulse ssd first impressions

Hi guys 

              Well its been 2 months since i purchased my 128gb sandisk ssd and up to now everything looks good … speeds are pretty good with 229mb/sec read and 127mb/sec write … that said i forgot to enable AHCI before installing windows 7 64bit but im still getting significantly better performance than i did with my readycache/1tb HDD combination so i will leave it on IDE but change it if and when i reinstall windows 

             i purchased my sandisk 128gb ssd from scan which meant i also received a free copy of “acronis true image 2014” and this has come in handy and backs up my pc to my 1tb storage drive …  

             i know theres a fix to enable AHCI even if you have allready installed windows … however im not going to chance it yet just incase something goes wrong 

             overall very impressed with my sandisk 128gb ssd …  


its true that its better to enable AHCI before installing the os in order to have automatically activated Trim and all the other functions of the ssd and keep the best performance of the drive. Although there is a fix to enable it later on it can mess up teh registry of windows really bad and will cause the whole system to crash so i recommend to do it with a fresh installation.

And at the end its true very nice SSD i have also one in my pc to have a backup.

Good luck.