12-in-1 reader SSD-89

my computer, XP- SP3 sees the unit and assigns disk letters. As soon as I plug in an SD card, I’ve tried four different cards, the computer drops the device and all it’s drive letters and can’t find the device. If I unplug the USB and re-plug it sees it again but drops out again when a card is plugged in.

Are you using a Laptop computer? Laptop computers may not supply enough power through the USB port. If you are using a Desktop computer I suggest you try the USB port at the back of your PC for more power.

This is a desktop. I’ve tried front and back with the same results. Also tried different cards, PNY SDHC 4g, SanDisk Ultra II SDHC 4g.

I can read 2G SD memory cards from several vendors on my SanDisk ImageMate SDDR-89 12-in-1 reader but not the SanDisk Ultra SDHC 4GB card.  I downloaded the driver from SanDisk identified to support this type of card.  No help.

The driver update is in imagemate-6.30.zip.

I agree that a new reader is the best and simplest choice since they are inexpensive.

I have the same issue, the disk drive icons dissapear as soon as I plug  in a CF (1GB). Any one can help?.