also, before i even uploaded any music on my fuze there was 100mb of space already being used. i deleted all the uploaded music, pictures, etc. but the 100mb was still being used. how do i get this space back?

it’s probably not available, like when you buy a new hard drive and it doesn’t format the to actual capacity

The actual capacity will be different from the generic stated memory capacity.  For example, the 2G Clip has 1921MB capacity; my live e280 here says 7792MB, and it’s an 8GB player.

The variation is actually the difference in bytes versus binary 1’s and 0’s, to put it simplest.  On your PC, look at the hard drive properties for the same characteristic variation.  Simply put, SanDisk wouldn’t want to label my e280 as the “7792MB” model, as the tongue gets kid of knotted up in the process.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: