1000 song limit on memory card

Frustrating, when I sync music to my express it will sync artist A-S and stop.  On the last album only a couple tracks show, seems like a limiiting thing to me, number of songs, who knows…  System info shows 1267 songs, I have available memory both onboard and available on the chip.  If I start to add music from artists Z to A, it will cut off in a random point as well. 

All mp3tags are solid.  I’ve tried reformatting, adding all at once, adding a few albums at a time, etc…

Here is my setup, Express 1gb, with 4gb class 6 Transcend memory, Firmware 1.01.12A, the latest update from what I gather from the updater.  

This is a pretty painful process and I must say I’m really disappointed at this point.  I bought 4 expresses to give as gifts and can’t fill the music to the limit of the memory card, I don’t even know what I can fill it to, I have to sync see where it cut and decide if I need to eliminate albums and resync albums that I would prefer.  Then when I give these as gift I have to explain that it’s 5gb total but you can’t fill it, in fact be careful because it will cut off at some point and recently added music won’t show.  Hilarious, what a crappy gift.  

Any help would be awesome.  Aside even from a solution it would nice to know if ok 3.30gb is the max, or 1267 files, or a database size of ???, what is the limiting factor here?  Would it help to use shorter filenames, limited tag info to artist - album - title, please help.

Thank You in advance for the time and assistance.


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This is a very basic suggestion and I’m sure this isn’t the problem but sometimes I’ve added music and the number of tracks doesn’t change so I need to go to the ‘music’ menu and select ‘play all’. But it sounds like you are getting some of the songs, so this probably isn’t the problem. 

Another suggestions might be breaking things up in folders and seeing if that makes a difference?

Thanks for the message.  I’ve figured out that the song limit is 1000 songs on my memory card, not total on the player.  I was getting beyond a thousand through a combination the internal and external memory. 

From my read of the other threads it doesn’t appear that there is any solution still.  It is just really frustration to market an mp3 player with a microsd expansion and not list in the specs that it is limited to 1000 songs from the memory cards.

I’m still hoping for a solution from SanDisk…

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