1000 Song limit gone


I recently picked up an  1GB Express just because I love the thumb drive type of MP3 player. I have upgraded the firmware to 12a and have been using a 4GB microSD without any problem. I have just added an A-Data class 4 8GB card. It was initially difficult to format it, the Express corrupted it. I formatted it to FAT32 in a Windows 2000 machine, put it back into the Express and formatted, and it worked. I have the internal memory full and have used 4.9 GB on the card with a total of 1039 songs. Everything works, from the first song loaded to the very last. I am verry happy, an Express for $10.99 and an 8GB card for $18.99 means a 9GB player $29.98 shipped!

Ok my first experiment with this has had mixed results.

Firstly, I loaded 1007 songs onto the player.  I then went on the songs option on the music menu and looked at the bottom to find the last few track titles.  I then went to the artists option on the music menu and selected the artist>album containing the song listed last on the list.  I went through the tracks on the album and they all played fine including the last track (track #1007) on the list.  GREAT!!!  However, I then decided to select “play all” from the music menu, pressed previous track and it went back to track 1000 rather than #1007.  I then went back to the album as before and it refused to play the track, just like the player did before.  I switched it off and back on again but the player still refused to play any of the tracks after #1000.  I used a select and + reset and the tracks were playable again.  So it seems that the player will now play these files, which is a positive, but if you select any of the play all options (artist OR album) or select an individual track from the “songs” option it will take away the ability to play the last, in this case, seven tracks.  Interestingly, it depends on which option you “play all” which seven tracks are removed.  Before it was always the last 7 tracks alphabetically but now if you select play all on artist it is seven tracks from the last artist alphabetically.

To sum up, yes the update does mean that we can put more than 1000 tracks on the player AND be able to play all of them but it does still mean you have to be careful to reset the player after everytime you, for example, want to randomly play all tracks.  Not perfect but better than nothing.

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