100% Volume when connected through usb/charge interface port

This may be too late for anyone to fix since the demise of the connect is soon…but…

I got an in-car adapter to broadcast the audio from the connect to the radio.  The Connect attaches to the device through the usb/charge port on the bottom of the Connect.  When you attach this device to the Connect, the volume goes to 100% and is no longer adjustable until you disconnect the device. 

The problem is the Connect doesn’t sound good at 90%-100% volume.  The connect suffers from some sort of high-volume distortion.  The problem is even more detectable when blasting the music in the car.  A similar device (identical looking/same company) that uses a headphone jack instead of the charge/usb port sounds much better at ~80% volume.  I would rather play the Connect at 80% volume and compensate with my car stereo.

Please, when making the new firmware update, allow adjustable volume control when connected through the charge/usb port.  You can still default it to 100%, but atleast make it adjustable.  I hope it isn’t that difficult to make the change.

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Connecting the Sansa through the charge port enables the “line-out” mode. Much like other digital music players, line out is a fixed volume. This allows you to adjust it using the device it is connected through, and is generally cleaner and a higher output level than the headphone jack. Not sure about the distortion you’re experiencing. I have the Griffin dock, and the sound is pretty good running through an auxiliary input on my PC speakers.

The sound I am experiencing sounds exactly like when I use the headphone jack and use full volume.  If I back the headphone volume down everything sounds ok.  I don’t get that choice when using the docking port. 

Now I think part of the problem is the production of today’s newer music is way over compressed (dynamic range compression/loudness) and when playing through the Connect’s dock port at full volume, it overdrives something on the connect which leads to serious clipping.  If I play the same songs through the headphone jack at full volume, it sounds exactly the same.  Now some of my rips from my older CDs which were produced at a much lower level, sound just fine through the dock port or headphones at full volume.

So, the solution would be to prevent the overdriving of the Connect by allowing the volume control to function when connected through the dock port.  Functionally, keep the same max volume when you attach the Connect to the dock port, just allow the volume controls to function if the person would like to lower it. 

I can’t imagine this change would be difficult at all.  I’ll even do it if they send me the source :slight_smile:

I’m just frustrated because I can’t listen to any song with a lot of ‘s’ sounds in my car because it sounds like a white noise machine.

vawlk wrote:

I’m just frustrated because I can’t listen to any song with a lot of ‘s’ sounds in my car because it sounds like a white noise machine.

So much for all those “Rattlesnake Sounds of the Old West” tracks.

now, Phil Collins - Sudio makes me want to shove pencils in my ears. 

Wait, that has always been the case, not a Connect problem.