1 Gig clip won't come on

Okay, I’ve had this for about 4 months…I use it while I’m runnning. It DID work well…

I turned it off after my run and all during the week it wouldn’t come on while I tried to charge it via the usb. Here’s what I have:

I’ve tried all the suggestions…holding the on switch up for 20 seconds then turning it on…Nope.

when I plug it in to the usb the computer says it doesn’t recognize the device. I went to windows explorer and it shows it as REMOVABLE DISK. When I click on it a message says it needs to be formatted. When I try and format it it says it WINDOWS WAS UNABLE TO COMPLETE THE FORMAT. That message comes up a second after I click to start the format, so I doubt it even started. Interestingly, the properities say it’s a 4 gig, but it’s only 1.

I’d want to send it back, but I don’t have the receipt, can someone give me some advice?