1 day of use and now is DEAD

Okay, this SUCKS!

My sister went to Ny for a week. and she bought me a sansa Fuze 4gb black… she came back to argentina yesterday… I used the mp3 last night… and tonight when I tried to turn it on… NOTHING. it doesn’t work anymore!

aaaaggg If Only I have Mr Sansa in front of my face! I would ask him, why does he make this crap.

70 USD for this???

which is the solution please.?

Return it.


Try a reset. Hold the power on slide button all the way up for 30 seconds, release the button and slide back up to start normally.

Yes, it sounds like the device needs a soft reset.  Let us know if it powers up again after holding the slider in the ON position 20-30 seconds, release, then try again.

Bob  :wink:

Possibly a stupid question: have you tried charging it? If so, did the player appear to be charging or not?