1.7 Gigs of unchangable space

I didn’t use the m250 for nearly 7 months and recently started using it again in the last two months. The music that was on the device before I stopped using it has somehow made itself unreadable by anything other than the player and I can’t change, modify, remove, or even see the songs when I hook it up to the computer. I have tried defragmenting, exploring, backing up, and everytime the only parts affected is the new music that I have recently put on. Even when I copied the entire folder and moved it it only totaled 330 MB, even though my player says it has 2 GB of used space.

Does anyone know what happened or how too fix it?

Also, I don’t want too erase these unseeable files if at all possible.

Try connecting in MSC or MTP mode to look for the files. Change the USB mode settings to try Autodetect and MSC,  etc.

I already tried already. It simply let me view the files that I had put on recently and not the old ones. Also, if that was the case should they not have shown up when I defragged it? When it defragged it only recognised roughly 330 MB instead of the all 2.0 GB.

I had the same problem. Unfortunately, the only way I was able to solve it was to update my firmware which erased all of my old music…Good Luck!

I have the m230 and had much the same problem.  My solution was to create a temporary folder on my desktop, drag the folders and files I wanted to keep, then formatted the drive.  It resolved my problem.  Prior to this, I couldn’t update my firmware because there was no space available according to the device.