01.01.29 Firmware DISCNUMBER regression?

When I first copied double albums onto my Clip (FW 01.01.18), I found the track ordering ignored the disc number


<Album X> <Disc 1> <Track 1>

<Album X> <Disc 2> <Track 1>

<Album X> <Disc 1> <Track 2>

<Album X> <Disc 2> <Track 2>

<Album X> <Disc 1> <Track 3>

<Album X> <Disc 2> <Track 3>


I then used Mp3Tag to set the DISCNUMBER (I believe this is what the ID3 spec calls TPOS) correctly for double-album tracks, and firmware 01.01.18 sorted the tracks correctly, i.e.

<Album X> <Disc 1> <Track 1>

<Album X> <Disc 1> <Track 2>

<Album X> <Disc 1> <Track 3>

<Album X> <Disc 2> <Track 1>

<Album X> <Disc 2> <Track 2>

<Album X> <Disc 2> <Track 3>

But firmware 01.01.29 ignores the DISCNUMBER, so I’m back where I started.

I reverted to firmware 01.01.20 and DISCNUMBER sorting works as expected there, so it appears to be a regression between .20 and .29

Now firmware .29 has enough improvements (battery indication, sane database refresh) that I am going to stick with it, but that disc number ordering is a ****ing nuisance.

Any idea when when we might expect a fix?

Alternatively, what would be the best workaround - put the disc number as a suffix in the album titles? Or is there some other field I can populate which affects sorting?

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@njd wrote:

Alternatively, what would be the best workaround - put the disc number as a suffix in the album titles? Or is there some other field I can populate which affects sorting?

I always include the disk info in the album name, like “Album Name (CD #)”.  Support for DISCNUMBER seems very hit or miss among various applications/devices, so having it in the album name always guarantees correct sorting.  I also organize my folders that way, with each disk in a separate folder named the same as the album “Album Name (CD #)”.

I, along with many other Clip fans, would like to see this bug fixed.

Interesting find!  Using the discnumber sort order makes good sense.

Bob  :wink:

I’ll have to look at this myself, but you could try completely removing the id3 V1 tags in the affected selections.

The reason for my thinking this way is that there was a lot of work done in .29 to correct tag parsing and sorting issues and it’s possible that something innocuous was overlooked…

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@Click, I’ve followed your suggestion.

I deleted the (possibly broken) tracks from the Clip, removed the ID3v1 tags from all tracks in my double-album, leaving only ID3v2.3 (I checked this in a hex-editor), and copied them to the Clip in MSC mode.

They are still sorted by tracknumber only.

For the record, the tags contain:

Album, Artist, Title, Track, Year, Comment and Discnumber.

The Genre field is empty on all tracks.

Any other possibiilities you can think of?

One last thought: The character encoding options for ID3v2.3 in Mp3Tag v2.41 are UTF-16 or ISO-8859-1.

Currently I have UTF-16 selected, and that doesn’t seem to cause a problem with any other tag fields, but I might try ISO-8859-1 when I get the opportunity later.

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Changing character encoding to Latin-1 made no difference.

I’ve finally bitten the bullet and used a suffix in the album title to differentiate the CDs.

The Sansa is looking for the ISO-8859-1 tag option.  Give that one a test run.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it isn’t. I tried that already (see message #7).

That’s what I meant when I wrote Latin-1 (it’s just another name for ISO-8859-1).

Doesn’t make any difference whether I use UTF-16 or ISO-8859-1: the ordering is still wrong either way.

I’m a new owner of of the SanDisk Clip and I noticed this issue immediately.  I updated to the current firmware immediately (01.01.29), so I don’t know how it worked before, but it is certainly not sorting the files correctly on this device.  I’m enjoying the rest of the features of the clip, but this is a biggy that they need to fix asap.

I too updated the album titles and that “works”, but it seems that the clip rightfully believes that each disc is a different album.  When you have 15 of these pseudo-albums, it becomes annoying very quickly.  I just want to dump all the files into 1 folder and have the clip read the filenames correctly and sort them in the desired order. :frowning:

Another voice looking for a fix to this “dropped ball”…