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SanDisk Ultra II - 4GB DEAD!


I just came back from a 2 months trip to Africa and had all my files on one SD card but the card is not recognized by any reader that I use any more.


I bought the card at Amsterdam's airport on October 9 and used it inside a Nikon D40 camera.


I have even used SW to recover data, but the problem is that Windows XP does not recognize the card and I can not access it any more.


I have even tried to put it back to the camera and try to access it from there, but the results are the same, "NO MEMORY CARD" is the only message I get.


This is a disaster for me, I bought this card because I didn't wanted to buy a no-name product, but it completely got me by surprise that it does not work at all.


I am even willing to pay for a recovery service if it is offered by Sandisk.


any chance I can get some support here?


Thanks in advance,


PS. I live in France. 

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Re: SanDisk Ultra II - 4GB DEAD!

Just for information, all my devices are SDHC compatible.
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Re: SanDisk Ultra II - 4GB DEAD!

Is this just a BS site or wha'?
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Re: SanDisk Ultra II - 4GB DEAD!

it sounds like the card is bad. pretty rare but it does occasionally happen. as far as i know sandisk does not offer data recovery services but you can check with a company called LC technologies. they have a french website so i am sure they offer services in your area.