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sd card help and album art

is there any way to add music to an sd card inserted in the sansa e260r...

i folowed instructions when someone posted a thing about the album art i tried it and it says (its not supported) oh i dont understand this id3 tags

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Re: sd card help and album art

A Rhapsody or 'R; unit is essentially an e200 series v1 player with some additional hardware built in to handle the Rhapsody functions. With a v1 player, you must add music to the card via MSC (Rhpasody) mode and the drag & drop procedure. You cannot 'sync' with WMP and MTP (Plays For Sure) mode.


The best way to add album art is to add a .jpg image to the Album folder, re-naming it 'album art.jpg'. There are various ways to find the images, but a good way is to use Google (Images). Simply type the name of the artist and album into the Search box. Pick one of the image results that come up, preferably choosing one that is 300 x 300 pixel size (or less) and is a .jpg image, not .gif or .bmp. Click on the image, then click on See Full Size Image on the resulting page. Hover your pointer over the image, right-click and select Save Image As...


In the Save box that comes up, navigate to the Album Folder you wish to save the image in and type in the name 'album art.jpg' (without the quote marks). Now whenever one of the files/songs in that folder are played that image will be displayed on your player's screen.


There are many, many discussions and explanations on ID3 tags here. You DO need to know about them when working with mp3 players, or you're in for a lot of frustration. They are basically tags within each file that contains the information about the track (Artist, Album, Track #, Track Name, etc). This is where your player gets the data it displays on its screen when a song is playing or you're looking through the lists on your player. Do a search and spend some time boning up on them; you'll be glad you did. Smiley Wink