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how do i reformat my e280

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Re: how do i reformat my e280

you have two options of which I know of. 

on the device, in the settings menu, there is a format command.

secondly you could plug your device in to the PC and do a format of the internal memory using windows explorer. 
- My Computer > Sansa e280
- right click on "internal memory" and choose format.
- confirm and let finish.
- disconnect device to let it refresh its database to create all the necessary folders/files.

hope that helps out.
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Re: how do i reformat my e280

i strongly advise against the second, and i have no recollection of the first ever existing. there is an easy and safe way to reformat your player without destroying the partitioning! The sansa recovery console! access this, plug your player in, then place a file called sansa_format.fmt, i think this is its full name, it will command the player to reformat itself and does not wipe the crucial folders that are needed! Not having done this as of yet, i am unsure, but i think you will need to reinstall the firmware (download a recent .mi4 file that is relevant for you *(i.e dont download an asian copy of the firmware, that would be stupid!)) Place this in the 16mb drive that appears wen in recovery mode and bam, firmware will be reinstalled and your device should be formatted! P.S dont put anything else in the 16mb drive, that will brick your player! do a google search on this topic, you'll get about a hundred results, or try the rockbox forums, they have plenty of links!